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About Our Marketing Professionals

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Influence Digital Agency is made up of knowledgeable and experienced marketing professionals, they explore unique opportunities to allow clients to utilize available online platforms when promoting their products or services.

Our team prides itself on having vast experience as business owners and digital marketers, allowing us to better understand what will work best in every situation.

Our founder Lance Lewis and sales director Josh Richardson both started their careers in the same field. Richardson later moved to digital marketing, while Lewis opted to stay in traditional media. This allowed them to focus on their respective areas of expertise and see how the online landscape works from different perspectives.

As tenured professionals, Lewis and Richardson have already seen which strategies work well from the media industry, agency, and business ownership perspectives. They know which practices produce dynamic results when implemented properly.

Our team know that business owners have worked hard to get to where they are right now. Influence Digital can help clients leverage their strengths and thrive in the competitive and ever-changing digital landscape.

Meet Our Team

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Lance Lewis


As a successful business owner for more than three decades, Lance is fully aware of what it takes to make a brand stand out in a competitive market. He also spent a portion of his career in advertising, showcasing his ability to devise the best strategies and maximize marketing efforts even with budget constraints. Lance is also known for staying ahead of the curve, as he can identify revenue opportunities that are typically overlooked by the competition. His strategic mindset, superior business acumen, and expertise in planning for scalability helps ensure the proper plans and considerations are taken to help a business grow at the right pace.

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Josh Richardson


With 25 years of experience as a marketing director, Josh brings to the table innovative strategies, exceptional leadership, and meticulous project execution. His extensive knowledge of digital marketing platforms gives our agency the capability to effectively engage audiences and ultimately deliver a strong ROl. Josh also achieved an impressive sales record at the national level, driving a 1,525% increase in digital sales across two diverse markets in two years. Most importantly, Josh has a comprehensive view of every campaign, having worked from both the side of a vendor as well as that ot a marketing firm.

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Paige Smith


Paige graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science and from Francis Marion University in 2020 with a Master of Business Administration. She comes to us with experience in agriculture, fair housing, and hospitality. Paige also manages social media accounts for various businesses and enjoys actively expanding her marketing knowledge.

Influence Digital Agency, search engine optimisation, SEO, seo agency, seo marketing, google marketing, lead generation, ppc, website design, video production

Ashley Lugo


Ashley grew up in Florence, SC where she went to Francis Marion University for Graphic Design. Over the last 10+ years, she managed all operations of a local business with hundreds of clients across the US.

IDA Jazmyn Pic

Jasmyn Pace


Jasmyn Pace is a vision-driven professional specializing in SEO, website design, and social media management. She has transformed digital strategies for high-profile businesses, including Fraport AG at Frankfurt Airport and ERA Real Estate. Jasmyn excels in creating engaging social media campaigns, designing user-friendly websites, and implementing effective SEO strategies. Her expertise in digital marketing, branding, and client service management, combined with a hands-on leadership style, consistently delivers exceptional results. Jasmyn’s innovative approach and proven track record make her an invaluable asset for clients seeking to enhance their digital presence.

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Sandra started her career in media sales at the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2006, selling to automotive dealerships. She subsequently moved to The Denver Post and went from selling print to becoming a digital sales manager. In this role, she led a team of five people, who worked with her to reach an annual digital goal of $2.4 million. Sandra has trained more than 110 sales reps, attended 400-plus sales calls, and created profitable strategies for our clients. She is responsible for establishing vital partnerships with several digital vendors to create the product mix Influence Digital is able to offer its clients. She has helped to organize production teams to create the campaigns that Influence Digital creates for their clients. She has worked hand in hand with Josh Richardson to create solutions for our clients that did not previously exist. Sandra is a key component in the success of our agency and our clients. 



Feliks has 15 years of media experience holding positions in sales, sales management, operations, and corporate training. Feliks has built digital solutions from the ground up, trained 2,000 sales reps across the world, managed $6 million annually in Google search across virtually every industry, and even won a few awards. Feliks’ specialty is Google and Facebook/Instagram paid advertising; the two digital channels most used by business owners. Feliks’ more hands-on approach to paid search advertising allows Influence digital to maintain a higher standard for our client’s investment in these products and keep a finger on the pulse of their campaign conversions.

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Robert graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2020 with a Bachelor of
science in Economics and Philosophy. Prior to his time with Influence Digital Agency, he worked in sales establishing relationships and building the wholesale division of a cellular technologies company from the ground up. Robert brings a fresh perspective to our team with a willingness to put in the work for his clients to make sure they are provided everything they need to be successful. 

IDA Heath Pic



Heath is a United States Navy veteran with 32 years of sales and marketing experience. Heath worked in the legacy media industry with yellow pages, newspaper, and cable television. He has helped many of his clients, from the inception of digital, migrate their ad dollars over to digital platforms. He brings a wealth of experience and longstanding client relationships to the team. He has a goal of continuing to serve his clients with the best solutions and build Influence Digitals brand with excellent customer service.

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Armando is a dynamic highly skilled digital marketing expert who is deeply passionate about delivering exceptional customer support through innovative audience curation and multi-channel marketing campaigns. His development of custom strategies to accomplish Influence Digital Agencies business goals within their budget in mind and detailed reporting combined with continuous analysis of campaign performance is a cornerstone of many of our customers success.

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Lennie Gunder is a consummate marketing professional boasting an illustrious career spanning
28 years. Her journey commenced with the non-profit organization Up with People, where she honed her skills as a tour manager, managing the UWP brand. Transitioning into the realm of media, Lennie ventured into The Denver Post and its parent company, MediaNews Group; she orchestrated a symphony of sponsorships, promotions, and brand marketing initiatives. In 2015, Lennie ventured into entrepreneurship, spearheading Strategic Creations as the principal brand strategist, imprinting her mark on the landscape of start-ups. Today, at Influence Digital Agency, Lennie spearheads brand management, crafting a cohesive mix of sales collateral, case studies, graphic design, and beyond, ensuring the resonance of the IDA brand voice within the digital landscape. 

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Chris brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of graphic design, web design and multimedia marketing. Chris is committed to staying abreast of the latest technologies as well as design trends but anchoring creative and technical decisions on the clients’ wants and needs. Chris brings efficiency and creativity to the Influence Digital team. He is responsible for helping clients place pixels on their websites for digital tactics, digital design and development as well as creating and managing website.